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  • Clinical Approach to the Horse with a Sore Back | Dr. Rachel Salz 
  • Clinical Approach to the Mildly Lame Horse: In hand and on the lunge  | Dr. Sue Dyson  
  • Clinical Approach to the Neurological Horse | Dr. Amy Johnson 
  • Fundamentals of Saddle Fitting for Veterinarians I Paula Jeffery
  • Clinical Approach to a Horse with a Heart Murmur: Getting a Diagnosis |  Dr. Katharyn Mitchell 
  • Clinical Approach to Antimicrobial Selection in the Equine  | Dr. Laura Harderfeldt 
  • Clinical approach to the Mildly Lame Horse: under saddle I Dr. Sue Dyson
  • Clinical Approach to Supportive Care of the Sick Horse  | Dr. Darien Feary
  • Fundamentals of Equine Acupuncture I Dr. Cathy Lombardi
  • Clinical Approach to a Horse with a Heart Murmur: Interpretation and Recommendations |  Dr. Katharyn Mitchell 
  • Clinical Approach to the Coughing Horse I Dr. Laura Nath 
  • Practical Approach to the Pre-Purchase Examination Part 1: Communication and Examination I Dr. Nathan Anthony 
  • Clinical Approach to Head and Spinal Cord Trauma I Dr. Sarah Colmer
  •  Clinical Approach to Acute Respiratory Distress I Dr. Leanne Begg
  • Clinical approach to Wounds involving Synovial Structures I Dr. Hadley Willsallen
  • Practical Approach to Salary and Workplace Negotiation I Dr. Emma Davis
  • Clinical Approach to Equine Rhabdomyolysis I Dr. Leanne Begg
  • Clinical Approach to Unilateral Nasal Discharge I Dr. Neil Townsend
  • Clinical Approach to the Horse with Weight Loss I Dr. Laura Nath
  • Clinical Approach to Respiratory Noise during Exercise I Dr. Safia Barakzai
  • How to Sedate a Horse with Heart Disease | Dr. Katharyn Mitchell
  • Practical Approach to Road Traffic Accidents Involving Horses | Dr. Rebecca Husted
  • How to Apply the Ridden Horse Pain Ethogram | Dr. Sue Dyson
  • Clinical Approach to a Horse with an Arrhythmia | Dr. Katharyn Mitchell
  • How to Read and Interpret an ECG | Dr. Katharyn Mitchell
  • Practical Approach to the Pre-Purchase Examination Part 2: The Report | Dr. Nathan Anthony
  • Practical Approach to Mental Health in Equine Practitioners | Dr. Afton Erbe
  • How to Take Perfect Podiatry Radiographs | Dr. Jennifer Lugton
  • Clinical approach to the horse with anorexia | Dr. Victoria Savage
  • Practical approach to fee setting in equine practice Part One: Principles of pricing | Dr Mike Pownall
  • Practical approach to fee setting in equine practice Part Two: Value-based and Cost-based pricing | Dr Mike Pownall
  • Clinical approach to the veterinary management of high performance horses: jumpers and eventers | Dr. Kirsten Neil 
  • Clinical approach to the equine sarcoid Part One: clinical signs and classification | Dr. Derek Knottenbelt
  • Clinical approach to heat stress in the horse | Dr. Kirsten Neil

with a BONUS lecture

  • Practical Approach to Large Animal Emergency Rescue | Rebecca Husted

 plus a new lecture every week

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